THE FINAL CHAPTER - Ep. 3 . Heading Home BTS
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Finally it was time to shoot the last scenes of the Heading Home music video and I was so excited to finally reveal the scene that the Heading Home painting is based on. I want to give a special thanks to the whole crew for really making these music videos absolutely mesmerizing.
- Alan
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  • Lindsay Wescoat
    Lindsay Wescoat

    The way they made the painting come to Life was so incredible!😍 This is absolutely amazing!🥰💫

  • vianna ng
    vianna ng

    They actually danced in rymth with The Spectre! 😂 I must admit, they danced better than any of those other covers of that song!

  • KS4_Music

    Outro is Just Awesome 🔥


    They should make a movie or a mini series with all those filming since they are really amazing. Alan Walker Movie✌ Greetings to all.


    You will only give me an answer, all you have to do is hit the answer button, that's all it takes. If you want something this hard, you can answer me even with an ugly emoji, but just give me I'm tired of begging 😭😭 I'm crying seriously, if necessary, I will comment on all your videos and get that answer from you. Keep the notification bell open.

  • Dhairya Aarav Sah Roll n.24 X B
    Dhairya Aarav Sah Roll n.24 X B

    This literally made me cry..... Coz I see Alan's videos and feel soooo happy n energetic by it..... But by seeing their problems that are behind the scenes .... I realized how hard work they all do😭...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍

  • FFD Raz
    FFD Raz

    hi bro

  • Moisés Flores
    Moisés Flores

    Alan tienes que ver mi música y opina 😞❤️

  • We will go joy
    We will go joy

    Love you ❤️

  • B R O S A K H.
    B R O S A K H.

    I love Cambodia

  • Rahul Roy4
    Rahul Roy4


  • Misbah But
    Misbah But

    the music there dancing on is the spectre 😂 well I don't know why 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Khalil Dela Cruz
    Khalil Dela Cruz

    My big sis is a big fan of bts


    Well The viewers thought that , making videos , Shooting is very very easy But when the see behind the scenes They Totally surprised And their mind is filled with "Oh My God"

  • Shino HuyAng
    Shino HuyAng

    lol... it's amazed me that the local Cambodian firefighter crew are Alan Walker huge fan

  • Wanda Maximoff
    Wanda Maximoff

    I'm a walker

  • 「ᴀ❷ƶ」 「G̶ɑ̶m̶i̶n̶g̶」
    「ᴀ❷ƶ」 「G̶ɑ̶m̶i̶n̶g̶」


  • Kaustubham Gautam
    Kaustubham Gautam

    Please Alan Walker Shoot in India you'll get more great stuff and yes locals in India are comfortable with 40 degree celcious also

  • Rashmi Rojalin
    Rashmi Rojalin

    I don't understand why views r not here according to their hard work

  • Denise Era Alcantara
    Denise Era Alcantara

    I didn't expect that! Filming Heading Home in Cambodia! Wow,I hope Philippines will be featured too in your videos.

  • Asha Jaimon
    Asha Jaimon

    Actually a hard work

  • Manish VASAVA
    Manish VASAVA


  • Manish VASAVA
    Manish VASAVA


  • Alanna Walker
    Alanna Walker

    BTS??? Really yey 🤩

  • Abid Alam
    Abid Alam

    Love from india 👏 /\ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / /\ \ / \ / / \ / / \/ \/ \ \ Alan olav walker /Alan walker/DJ walkzzz

  • Nila Permatasari
    Nila Permatasari

    Nice.Alan walker fans. Fireman crew so cooll. Vietnam wonderfull country. Asian,iam also from asian.

  • Laura Brandstetter
    Laura Brandstetter

    I startet to cry at the end it was a very good Behind the scenes Video, all your Videos are beautiful and Emojonal I love your Music and your Friendly crew you are The best Alan

  • Ukam Ukam
    Ukam Ukam

    Alen Love u

  • The Rose Antares
    The Rose Antares

    I'm waiting for your next song.... I'm too curious please don't delay upload your new next song

  • Vannith Chum
    Vannith Chum


  • Rameesha Gul
    Rameesha Gul

    We like your songs only

  • Rutetid

    Oh my God! 2:17 That firemen thing was Literally UNEXPECTED & EPIC

  • Tima kh
    Tima kh

    This Cambodia why Vietnam 😥

  • momo daysuki
    momo daysuki

    No entiendo nada pero ok

  • kakashi Walker
    kakashi Walker

    Plis plis👍👍👍

  • kakashi Walker
    kakashi Walker

    Alan walker make a vid with marshmello

  • Frank Abaghnale
    Frank Abaghnale

    The music video is nice to watch.. but the effort behind that.. is really hard.. 👍🙏🙏.. ❤️

  • Jacky - BrawlStars
    Jacky - BrawlStars

    Omg the firefighters got what they deserved. TYSM Firefighters

  • Kevin & Friends
    Kevin & Friends

    Luv u Alan walker BEST MUSIC EVER IN WORLD

  • Meghna Majumdar
    Meghna Majumdar

    And It's Simple

  • Meghna Majumdar
    Meghna Majumdar

    Everyone is just following you Alan... Because everyone is wearing mask now 🤷

  • Saiful Hassan
    Saiful Hassan

    roses are red violets are blue i want a love from alan walker too

  • Guesty BG
    Guesty BG

    Are heading home the.lastest song in Alan Walker

  • Sunshine _RS
    Sunshine _RS

    Love u from Cambodia ✨💓

  • millicent alcantara
    millicent alcantara

    Me to i want metal aw logo

  • Black._.Uzumaki

    This video was incrible✨

  • Klaudia Pawlak
    Klaudia Pawlak

    I have a question. How to become one of the walkers? Do you have to do something special or just come up with an id and if no one has that id you can have what you have?

  • Kelly Eban
    Kelly Eban

    That’s soo cool got to see this a while you make a video

  • Tanjiro Kamado
    Tanjiro Kamado

    guy cambodian guys and all so lucky i want to be part of one of his music video

  • The Green Void • 100 years ago
    The Green Void • 100 years ago

    My Cambodia it's at angkor wat the building that had stayed in shape for a lot of centuries and its said that when the people That dare going in there will see the spirit of the people in the past or the builders in the past

  • Navy Soy
    Navy Soy

    Have cambodia?

  • Pankaj Vyas
    Pankaj Vyas

    The best music production is offered by Alan Walker and his excellent team.........

  • Sophia Congram
    Sophia Congram

    We are lucky the firemen where Alan Walker fans XDD

  • redbear bear
    redbear bear

    Walker joiiiiiiiinnnnn yeah i love alan walker wo hoooo walker team

  • MC KH
    MC KH

    Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • Đăng Hoàng
    Đăng Hoàng

  • Asen 1222
    Asen 1222

    Walkers you did a great job.... I'm your big fan...

  • Annie Ajit
    Annie Ajit

    Hardwork Pays off.....good song @alanwalker 👍👏👏

  • Neha chakraborty
    Neha chakraborty

    Alan walker love you and you guys work so hard to get the sceans perfect when i will be 20 i want you be like you love you i dont think that anyone in this world hate you 😊💕❤💖

  • Phol Khunleaphea
    Phol Khunleaphea

    Hi I live in Cambodia and when you finally have got the video done and the next day I went there

  • Ricardo Ávila
    Ricardo Ávila

    Someone knows were to find the remix on the last part of the video? Thanks!

  • Adriele Santana
    Adriele Santana

    Hi Alan Walker my name is Ana Clara fan like

  • 1

    Walker forever

  • BoomTh3B3st 7
    BoomTh3B3st 7

    I wish I could meet you one day!! AW❤️

  • Xiona Toomon
    Xiona Toomon

    my favorite BTS video is ON wow yes it was difficult to make the heading home video every time you surprise me Alan grasias for your funny songs and videos ❤️😋 I can't stop playing end of time

  • Crystal Tran
    Crystal Tran

    I can’t believe how much work and effort they put into this

  • Shubhagata Deb
    Shubhagata Deb

    I love the songs and all the things of this chanel

  • AML Baran
    AML Baran

    Why you don't shoot on Indonesia At Bali island

  • kapios stelios
    kapios stelios

    If you come to Greece from video clip call me .....

  • Delice Oyunlar
    Delice Oyunlar

    what BTS

    • Aditya Hemanth
      Aditya Hemanth

      eylence kanalı your most welcome

    • Delice Oyunlar
      Delice Oyunlar

      @Aditya Hemanth thank you very much for the explanation💜

    • Aditya Hemanth
      Aditya Hemanth

      eylence kanalı BTS literally doesn’t mean the K-Pop BTS, it means Behind The Scenes

  • Ya Video
    Ya Video

    It was excited

  • Las 3 Carolinas
    Las 3 Carolinas


  • (Charlie) Chayot Tiratsakorn
    (Charlie) Chayot Tiratsakorn

    im ur biggest fan!!!

  • جنات ورد
    جنات ورد

    الان والكر انا احبك كثيرا 🌹🥰🥰🥰😍😍 alan walker I love you Ifrom iraq 🇮🇶🇮🇶

  • مجنون الانمي AMV
    مجنون الانمي AMV

    Love you Alan walker Please give me Heart

  • Myles the master of everything
    Myles the master of everything

    I am a HUGE AW Fan

  • Nafees

    It's the life of a filmmaker, full of fun, frustration, wins, loses . MAN! Filmmaking is so good!

  • Shadow Galaxy
    Shadow Galaxy

    Who thought that the BTS word meant the boy band in Korea?

  • Алиса Колинс
    Алиса Колинс

    Awesome shooting😍😍😍 Adore🥔

  • ARR Tuxhorn
    ARR Tuxhorn

    I did a 30 second music video of heading home for a school project, and i'm going to do another music video for another one of your songs, but this time, the whole song.

  • Laxmipriya Das
    Laxmipriya Das

    Waiting for your next song 🎶🎤 #52094

  • Laxmipriya Das
    Laxmipriya Das

    It's just very hard😢 to shoot #52094

  • Pain Akatsuki
    Pain Akatsuki

    Could you change your has tag cuz it not Vietnam it Cambodia


    I Love cambodia

  • amir hossain
    amir hossain

    hello, my idol.*_* are you free from covid 19..

  • sora

    amazing. just amazing

  • House of fun
    House of fun

    As above so bellow. The god of The Sun, RA. You are ruining people subliminally.

  • Toycity84

    Alan Walker is better than marshmallo


    Hello, my name is Lisa and I took my dad's cell phone, and thanks Alan Walker for all your beautiful songs that you give us I love it, you are the best in electronic music I would like you to know me because I already know you, and I love you I love you so much Alan Walker ~ BEST IN ELECTRONIC MUSIC ~ inspirational😆😆👌 (。◕‿◕。)

  • Amr Mohamed
    Amr Mohamed

    The dedication of these people is next level !

  • Рылова Лилиана
    Рылова Лилиана

    То чустова когда ты не понимаешь английский язык и пытаешься понять всё по жестом.

  • Spidy_Jr music
    Spidy_Jr music

    Alan Walker, when is the next song gonna come out? Walker#4078-

  • Alanj16

    Whenever I hear the word heading home I miss my parents who live in Brazil please like if you love Alan Walker and your parents

  • 金书

    Why did you use hostage in Vietnam, even this was in Cambodia?

  • Elextrix

    i can never look at the dancing scene the same again

  • Midnight I’m usually in rps
    Midnight I’m usually in rps

    Ummmmmm oh goodnesss the fact that this was 4 days ago I’m just flipping so happy y’all are ok lOVE YOU ALAN

  • Sarah & Marcia
    Sarah & Marcia

    Alan walker am i your youngest fan? Im 9 years :3

    • Sarah & Marcia
      Sarah & Marcia

      K Nice Lmao

    • Emily

      no ur not im 8

  • Jenny Nguyen
    Jenny Nguyen

    I am walker #61114 love from USA!!!


    😂😂😂😂 Nice one

  • rachit sehra
    rachit sehra

    you are better than neffex love from india. chalti kya Khandala

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